James Cuts Patient Onboarding Time by 25 Minutes

James Cuts Patient Onboarding Time by 25 Minutes

Willis-Knighton Health System’s goal was to make patient paperwork more convenient. The Director of Web and Digital Management knew Formstack was the best solution to streamline patient onboarding.

“We wanted to make everything more convenient for the patient.”

When the team at Willis-Knighton Health System began plotting their goals for the year, healthcare providers and back office staff agreed it was time to overhaul their patient onboarding process. As the region’s largest healthcare organization, they needed software that was highly secure, simple to learn, and easy to integrate with their EHR system. 

Once James discovered Formstack’s Forms and Documents products through consultant Mercury Healthcare (now part of WebMD), he knew he found the right solution. He quickly and easily spun up everything from new patient onboarding forms and insurance verification to official health record documents and patient surveys.

As part of a small department, James loves how easy it is to build out new processes within Formstack. He can do it so quickly that word has spread throughout the entire Willis-Knighton Health System. Many different departments now contact him weekly to help them replace paperwork with more convenient digital patient experiences built with Formstack.

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Improved the patient experience

Made patient forms more convenient and accessible with digital workflows

Saved time

Reduced patient onboarding time by 25 minutes

Streamlined processes

Launched new patient processes quickly across hundreds of locations

Accelerated work

Shaved two weeks off of survey and workflow development time

Video Transcript

It's really been great because people will call IT for a solution, and they're like, oh, no, for what you need, you need to call James over in Web and Digital Management. He has a great solution.

My name's James Bobbitt. I'm the director of Web and Digital Management for Willis-Knighton Health System in Shreveport, Louisiana.

What were the challenges before using Formstack? 

Before Formstack, what we would have to do is build out a true application for every project. So if somebody needed a survey, we would have to build up a database and then build up the application. And you're talking a couple of weeks of development time for that alone. And then, we got a lot of projects too where we wanted a solution, but there was just nothing that made sense or that was simple enough to actually implement that would work for everyone.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

One of our biggest complaints from patients is how long it takes us to fill out patient paperwork? And our goal for 2022 was to make everything more convenient for the patient but also get better data. So our goal was to take the Formstack documents, both forms of document solution and allow the patient to enter the data when it was convenient for them. Rather than in the waiting room, it was a quick win and everybody agreed that this was the way to go.

So we started rolling this out to a variety of our clinics. And once it called on it just really just took off for us like a shooting star. The offices seemed to be loving it, and we have more and more clinics coming online every few days. And I already have it up in probably 75% of all of our clinics. What normally would it take in 25 to 30 minutes is cut down to a three-minute, three- to five-minute waiting time in the clinic.

The integration is so great because it allows us to send that data over. And when it arrives in the clinic email or inbox, it's the form that our clinics are used to, but also it's the authorized medical record that they can input into the EHR for the patient. And not only that but also has the health insurance information so that they can go on and verify all of the insurance coverage and call the patient back and let them know what the copays will be, et cetera.

Would you recommend Formstack?

I recommend it to anyone who has a problem that they need fixed. Formstack has the answer for you.

Willis-Knighton Health System is a not-for-profit, locally-operated healthcare organization. From one small hospital, Willis-Knighton has grown to encompass multiple facilities, spanning the entire continuum of care for residents in northwest Louisiana and the Ark-La-Tex. Today the health system includes four hospitals as well as a retirement community and a full range of support services.
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